Severnaya Samoyeds and Akita (Japanese) in Australia

Memories are made to last

They might be gone but they will never be forgotten.

violet and mozart


Aust. Ch. Scionastir Scarlett (Scarlett)

16/1/1989 - 11/1/1997


The very first Samoyed to capture my heart.
Her fettish was to chew up books or magazines when she was left alone only to deny any knowledge of the offence when confronted with the evidence.

My Scarlett Lady

She lies there sleeping
The breeze cooling her coat.
No stress or anxiety.
Just dreams all afloat.

A fly on her nose.
She twitches, it goes.
She looks up at me.
Just what DOES she see?

Someone to love her,
Someone to care,
Someone to feed her,
Someone just to be there?

If only she knew of
the love that abounds
For that four legged creature
Asleep on the ground.

My saviour in white,
My angel from heaven,
With knowing brown eyes
And a smile freely given.

If our love was as free
As this dog's has been,
What a world we would have,
What a change we would see.

Aust. Ch Severnaya Samantha (Samantha)

20/05/1992 - 11/6/2002


Samantha was a real pleasure to show. When she walked into the ring she exuded grace and beauty. She definitely had a wild spirit and would run away whenever she had the chance.

Severnaya Indigo Violet (Violet)

20/10/1995 - 05/11/2009


Words cannot say what this wonderful girl meant to me. She was my soul mate and confidante. Although not suitable as a show dog, she excelled in therapy work and her intelligence and intuition amazed me on more than one occasssion.

Severnaya Mozart (Mozart)

20/1/1999 - 05/05/2010


Here was a dog who started life by making his presence heard and never quitened down. His purpose in life was to collect the Sunday newspaper for me, pick up the pegs I (accidently) dropped when hanging up the washing and being my forward alarm system when someone entered the property. He was shown sparingly due to my illness and therefore was never given the chance to gain his championship title.